Friday, February 19, 2016

Painting shells at the beach

I've really enjoyed painting the shells I found on the beach. This is a detail of a larger painting I am currently painting It is fun to make each texture...the rough sand, the smooth belly of a shell. Each is different. I think its the shadow that makes the shells pop though. I added the small piece of sea glass. The actual piece I found is much larger but it was too large for this painting (!!!) so I made it smaller.

As I rarely find sea glass on US beaches, I was quite thrilled to find a large piece right here in little 'ol Delaware.   My sister has learned the names of shells and she tells me that the gold one up in the middle top that is cut off is called a Jingle. The round pink one at the bottom left is called a Slipper. And the clam shell....well it's a clam shell.  :-)  The stones and broken shells I made up.

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