Sunday, February 21, 2016

really blue Blue Crab watercolor painting

Blue Crab 1
watercolor on paper
7" x 9"

I was shopping the other day and saw a print that intrigued me. It was a blue crab on a  map of the Chesapeake Bay. It got me to thinking...that I would do the same type of painting on a map of Delaware. So here is a preliminary painting of a blue crab. When I was a small girl, my family would go crabbing in and around Bethany Beach, Delaware. We would catch a basket full and then my mom would boil them up and we would have a great crab meal. I don't remember exactly what she would make, but my mom was a wonderful cook. I'll have to ask my sisters or brother if they remember.  
Next comes a painting of the small state of Delaware...

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