Monday, February 12, 2018

Disney World and sketching

I decided to go to Disney world to get out of this cold winter.It was rather spur of the moment and most enjoyable. I flew down for 5 days, which gave me three days at the parks and 2 for travel. Enough time to get away. I stayed at the Disney Beach Resort, in Epcot. I chose there because I wanted to mostly see the annual Festival of the Arts, which is held in Epcot. It's a celebration of the arts, music, food and art. It was a lovely festival. Being at the Beach resort, I could walk to Epcot. I only drew 2 sketches each day. They are rough, but what I was able to do while walking around Disney. I had my 5x8 watercolor sketch book with a Pitt art pen. First I sketched and then painted with my small watercolor box and water brush. I simple, but effective set up.
 A dessert I tried. S'more Tart. Delish!

 Beautiful blue sky looking at the Epcot Earth Ball

 Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom. I spent one day in 
the Magic Kingdom and two days in Epcot.

 It started raining and I sat down under a table with an umbrella
and just sketched and painted what was in front of me. I was 
at the world showcase in Epcot. The top is a shopping kiosk and 
the bottom is of an island out in the water.

 Inside the Beach Resort I had breakfast there in
in the Cape May Cafe. The decor was amazing. On 
the walls are colorful croquet sets, the mallets and 
the balls, all attached to the wall. 
In the lobby, which is BEAUTIFUL, I sat in chairs like
these, big and comfy. They were all around the perimeter 
and in the center. 
Sketching is a pastime that I do love. I am not an expert, but I try! 
I always tell my granddaughter, "In order to be a good artist,
 I must be willing to be a bad artist." So here it is...

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