Thursday, January 18, 2018

Little Cabin in the woods...

Hum along with me... :)

My friends owns this little cabin in Pennsylvania. Recently he sent me a picture of it and this is from that picture. It's a color pencil done in my 5"x 8" sketch book.  I felt peaceful while drawing it. I imagined myself there. 
     Next, using the same reference photo, I completely put it in a new world. I redrew it in graphite on paper. Then I scanned it in-  and now in Photoshop, I am painting it. It is now a fantasy is smaller than mushrooms and clover is like a bush. I believe a fairy lives in it.  I'll post soon...have to digitally paint it first.

Winter is a good time to dig in deep into art. Do a complicated piece. Not much going on and I don't go out  much, so why not? I sort of go into hibernation in the winter and I enjoy myself very much.

happy painting!

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