Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I've been away on vacation...

I just got home last night from a wonderful vacation. I spent 3 weeks with my sisters and brother in-law and his family. Two of those weeks were spent on Edisto Island, SC. It's a wonderful remote sea island with not much on it, which is why we love it.  I took a gazillion reference photos while there. I also spent some time outside with my pastels sitting by the ocean and matching colors. on a cloudy day the colors are totally different than on a sunny day- so I matched those colors- now in the winter in my studio, I can better match the colors, instead of relying on my photos. I also did this color matching on the beach for the sand and rocks. 

I did two paintings while on my trip. This first one is a typical scene on the island. There are many of these white birds- storks, herons, cranes? not exactly sure. One day we took a hike out to see the Botany Bay preserve and I took this picture of the bird. He is hunting. They stand very still while hunting, so they make perfect subjects for a photo!

Marsh Bird
9x12 pastel on pastel paper
Edisto is a place where every where I look there is a painting! The island is surrounded by ocean and the tidal marshes of the Carolina Low Country. It is "other worldly" in many respects. I love Edisto Island. My soul is comforted there.  Our rental home was ocean front- and the ocean was very close- at times I felt like the water might come right up to the house! What a view! At night I would open my window and sleep to the waves...I will miss that. 
So I think my next several paintings will be of this magical place called Edisto Island. I hope you enjoy them...

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