Sunday, January 3, 2021

Gouache, my current love


acorn study in art journal

Left is gouache, right is traditional transparent watercolor. Lately, I am enjoying gouache. It reminds me of oil painting with out the hassle of oils. Painted in my art journal. 

What's everyone up to for 2021 with their art? I am in a weird place. Not feeling compelled to do much art at the moment. I was with kids for almost 3 weeks and did no art. Reading a lot since I got home.

I know the spark will return. It always does. I will be in the fallow for now. It's OK. I am familiar with this and it no longer scares me. I used to think this was  permanent place. But I have learned, over time, that it is not. It's a respite. So I will repose. 

Happy Painting in the meantime. 


  1. I love your work, I hope you find something that brings you back to us on YouTube, as well.

  2. I really miss seeing the books you make. They are all so very special. You have inspired me greatly!!