Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I found a great little paint set that is fast becoming my favorite. I love it because it is small and yet holds twice as many paints as my old paint set. My old set is about 20 years old and it served me well. But I was able to add most of the paint from that old set to my new set and now I have a great many colors. The new paint box is made my Prima and I don't think it is artist quality, although it says it is. But even so, the colors are vibrant and rich, perfect for quick sketching. Easy to mix and I just love the bright colors.
The wonderful thing- this paint set cost 15.00. I would of paid 15.00 for the box alone, so the added paint is a bonus. Like I said, its not artist quality but it works just fine! I'll be taking this little gem to Italy this summer. I plan on doing as much sketching of the local area as possible. I can't wait!

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