Monday, December 19, 2016

Art or Craft?

Click on the picture and look at this up close- the technique is amazing!
it's a combination of painting and stamping. I used YUPO paper and alcohol inks for the background. YUPO is a synthetic paper that I first came across about twenty years in my job as a package and label designer. It wasn't called YUPO then and the company was trying to sell it as label stock for pharmaceutical grade printing. Over the years the paper entered into the art world and was renamed YUPO, mostly being marketed for watercolors. Now YUPO has entered the crafting world. 

I saw a great video on YouTube that inspired me. Most of it is a surprise...there is no real control when using alcohol inks and YUPO. The ink goes where it wants to go. I then masked out a small moon and wiped back to the YUPO to create the moon using alcohol blending solution. The alcohol inks are permanent once they dry on the YUPO but dissolve with the blending solution.  

I want to experiment more with this technique making fairy fantasy landscapes. I love that genre. I see this as a really fun way to create that other-world feel I love in fairy art.  This was my first attempt and will definitely do more with this! 
Of course I want more colors of alcohol we ever have enough color?
    After it was all dry I used stamping with black archival ink to add the foliage. I can see cards, paintings, illustration...this technique will go a long way!