Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Keep on drawing...

another cupcake
graphite on toned paper

I believe that drawing well is a corner stone to good art making. I went to art school in the 70's where basic skills were thrown out of the window. It was a depressing time for me. I wanted to learn HOW TO DRAW and HOW TO PAINT, but instead, I was exposed to the idea that ANYTHING was art if you called it so, and that your art was to reflect current events in your art. was a terrible time for art students like me who just wanted to learn to paint and draw a beautiful image.

So I drew on my own. And kept on through the years. I keep a couple of journals around that I can pick up and use anytime I find myself with a little time. This drawing was done on toned paper with graphite.  

It's nice to see that now art schools are getting back to basics when it comes to art making. Classical art drawing is now back...yay!!

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