Thursday, August 13, 2015

color pencils are calling to me...

bumble bee
color pencil on Bristol vellum
4" x 4"

I wish I could figure out what makes my inner art-clock tick. I seem to go in cycles with my art-making. I learned years ago to stop fighting the cycle and embrace what comes. 

I've been on a tear with oil painting for a few months now. Really enjoying it. Then seemingly out of nowhere, the color pencils start to call my name. They make themselves known in my head and I can't make them go away. So I did this little drawing of a bumble bee to satisfy the color pencil urge. But instead of satisfying the desire, now I want to do a full blown drawing. 

What's an artist to do?  Dear Muse: at least will you let me understand you and your callings? 

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