Thursday, July 30, 2015

value and color studies for a painting in oil

 Value study for a class painting.  
I used color pencil on colored paper for this. 
He suggested markers, but I don't have them.
I used black and two grays on the toned paper. 

Color studies for class painting.

I signed up with Craftsy for an online oil painting class of painting sunsets. Just what I was looking for! These are the first two lessons in the class. The reference photo was even supplied. The idea of the studies is to work out all the value and color decisions ahead of time. I like the idea, as it give me a map from which to work.  I am painting on oil paper. Very cool, as it's a pad of paper made for oil painting. Much cheaper and easier! I may do this painting on the paper as well. It is made by Arches. 

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