Thursday, March 26, 2015

simple watercolor

birch trees in the forest
3.25" x 5.25" on
300# watercolor paper

Even though it's autumn in this painting, it reminds me of warmer days. I really enjoyed painting this little watercolor; I found it calming and felt the warmth of it while laying in the layers. The winter here in NY was a real bear this year. I can't wait for warm days and sunshine. I used 300# paper- really thick and heavy- so it took a long time for each layer of paint to dry. 

I love birch trees. There are not as many as there was when I was a child, but they are still here and there. I used to peel the back off of the trees when I was a kid. We would use it as sort of a paper and draw on the back side. Poor trees- I cringe now to think that I actually did that to the trees!