Monday, December 15, 2014

Purple Garlic in France

Purple Garlic at the Nice flower market in France
oil on board
4" x 4"

This is from a photo I took while at the flower market in Nice, France. It was an overcast day and rained at one point, so the light was not great, but hey, I was in France so I was taking pictures! I made the back ground much darker for effect as there wasn't much going on there. 

These are purple garlic bulbs. I loved how they all lay in the same direction and the blending of colors.  I also love the red tomatoes beside them. Basically, there are two sets of compliments going on- purple and yellow in the garlic and then red and green in the tomatoes. And the box- I love that it had the French colors,, like the flag...sort of set it all up for me as a great painting!

Not only are there beautiful flowers at this weekly market, but tables of local vegetables, cheeses, mushrooms and hand made soaps. 

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